Beyond the usual Green Wash

What separates BioShield Healthy Living Paints from the rest of the pack is not only how beautiful they are to live with, but also how beautifully versatile they are to work with. The paints apply easily over any standard gypsum board, sheetrock, plaster, or masonry such as concrete and brick. It’s also amazingly easy to apply them over previously painted surfaces (providing that the existing sheen level is flat). All of this is accomplished without the use of VOCs or solvents.

Technical info: Our Zero-VOC, Solvent-Free Wall Paint is an economical, breathable, washable paint with a high-hiding capacity.

Ingredients:  Water, Chalk,  Asbestos-Free Talcum, Titanium Dioxide, Polyphosphate (a water softener), Cellulose,  Alcohol Ester, Sodium Hydroxide, and Preservative.

Coverage: BioShield Wall Paint will average approximately 300-400 square feet per gallon,  per coat dependent upon surface porosity, temperature, and choice of application tools. We recommend two coats, the first coat being the primer and the second being the finish coat.  

Allow 6-12 hours of drying time between coats.

Solvent Free Wall Paint - Medium Tints

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