Our natural, water and oil-soluble color pigment powders replicate the breathtaking beauty only Mother Earth can create. Made from rocks, minerals, and earth, they deliver a brilliance and inner depth that makes working with them an artistic adventure no ordinary paint can hope to achieve.

Because BioShield pigments directly reflect the uniqueness of the natural materials from which they are derived, variations can exist from batch to batch, making our color references close approximations of the average tone of each pigment. Most pigments provide brilliant tones, disperse easily, have high UV resistance, and weather well. Since pigments are in powder form they are suitable for oil and/or water based carriers.

BioShield Color Pigments will create outstanding effects when used with BioShield Wall Glaze, Clay Paint, Solvent Free Wall Paint, Resin & Oil Stain Finish, Aqua Resin Stain Finish, and Resin Floor Finish.