BioShield Hardwax creates a dirt and dust resistant, anti-static seal to help keep surfaces looking cleaner and shinier, longer.

Specifications: The surface to be waxed must be dry, nonabsorbent, clean, and free of contaminants. On surfaces finished with our oils, the oil must be completely dry before applying this wax.

Application: BioShield Hardwax should be applied in a thin, even coat with a lint-free cloth. The surface must be buffed thoroughly with a dry cloth, brush or buffer after two to four hours.

Coverage:  Approximately 250 to 500 square feet per 0.40 liter.

Ingredients: Beeswax, Linseed Oil, Orange Peel Oil (D-limonene), Isoaliphatics, Carnauba Wax, Larch Resin, Essential Oils, and Lead-free Dryers (Zircon, Cobalt Octoat).

32 Floor & Furniture Hard Wax

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