Clear, transparent, water-based finish for interior floors and furniture. Use Aqua Resin Floor Finish for priming and finishing heavily used surfaces. High abrasion resistance. BioShield Aqua Resin Floor Finish is formaldehyde free.

Application Areas: Use on absorbent surfaces made of wood, cork, stone, and terra-cotta.  As a highly abrasion-resistant finish, this product is suited for high traffic areas. BioShield Aqua Resin Floor Finish is also well-suited for interior doors, work surfaces, tables, stairs, and other furniture.

Technical Qualities: Excellent flow, high water resistance, high strength, and durability. Satin sheen, transparent.

Surface Preparation: Surface must be clean, dry, free of grease, and absorbent. Before applying the first coat, all surfaces must be sanded no finer than #120. Resinous exotic wood must be degreased with a solvent prior to application of BioShield Aqua Resin Floor Finish.

Application:  Apply BioShield Aqua Resin Floor Finish at a room temperature above 15o C (59o F). Stir product well before use. (Extreme agitation such as heavy shaking or mixing by machine may cause surface bubbles, and should be avoided.) Apply one priming coat by brush or floor applicator. Allow to dry. Light sanding between coats (#220-320) is recommended for best results. After the first priming coat apply two additional thin and even coats, allow to dry between each coat. (Sanding between coats is optional and will improve adhesion between coats as well as remove small impurities.)

Coverage: 140-160 square feet per liter, depending on thickness of coat.

Drying Time:  Depending on temperature, humidity, and surface absorbency, BioShield Aqua Resin Floor Finish dries within four-to-five hours between coats. The product will cure over a period of approximately one week to reach the final hardness.

Ingredients: Dispersion of Polyurethane in Water,  Alcohol, Micro Wax, Silicic Acid, Silicone,  Anti-skinning Agent. Product contains less than 115 Grams of  VOC per liter.


Color swatches show Aqua Resin Floor Finish colors applied in one and in two coats.

After the first coloring coat, apply two additional thin and even coats (either an additional color coat and then a clear finish coat, or two clear finish coats).

Depending on climate, humidity, and air circulation allow a minimum drying time of four-to-five hours between coats before sanding.  Light sanding between coats (#220-320) is recommended for best results.

Important hint: Because of the quick drying time of the product, it is recommended to color floor surfaces, board by board, with a good quality brush that does not streak.

Colors here were applied to light Ash wood flooring which is similar to White Oak.


48 Aqua Resin Floor Finish

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