1. Product Description: BioShield Aqua Resin Trim Enamel is a solvent-free, water-based, Zero VOC, low-drip, resilient satin finish paint for interior and (protected) exterior applications. BioShield Trim Enamel is made with the same advanced paint technology as Aqua Resin Stain Finish #33. Minimal odor, low drip and quick drying. The current color palette consists of 28 colors. For exact color rendering of Aqua Resin Trim Enamel Paints, please refer to our color chart which includes 28 handmade swatches showing the actual color.
  2. Specifications: Easy to apply, low drip, low splash. Excellent weathering, high bondability, fast drying.

Doors & Trim in House and Hallways: Surfaces that get touched, brushed-up against, or otherwise mechanically used. Bathroom Trim & Cabinets: Areas that are exposed to occasional water splashing, but not to standing water, can be finished in various ways. Kitchen Cabinets & Trim: Areas that are exposed to direct water and need occasional to regular cleaning. Use only non-abrasive, mild soap cleaners.

  1. Properties: Colors are light-stable and UV resistant. Made from non-toxic and natural raw materials, which help to keep our environment and waterways clean and healthy.
  2. Application: Aqua Resin Trim Enamel is a weather-resistant finish for exterior and
    interior wood surfaces, such as furniture, walls, windows, doors, and other architectural woodwork. 
    All Surfaces must be sanded (this includes new wood surfaces as well as old paint coats) before the application of Aqua Resin Trim Enamels. Apply with a fine brush or a fine roller.  On new wood surfaces apply one thinned-down coat (add 5-10% of water) for priming, then one-to-two coats full strength.
  3. Tools: High quality brush, foam or mohair roller and paint tray. Paint can also be applied with high quality spray equipment.
  4. Coverage: 100-120 square feet per liter, depending on surface characteristics.
  5. Ingredients: Water, Titanium Dioxide, Silica, Alcohol Ester, Surfactant, Eco Tints, Preservative.

    Item #63 - 0.10 Liter (3.40 Fl. Oz.) - 0.75 Liter (25.36 Fl. Oz.) - 2.50 Liters (84.44 Fl. Oz.)
Disclaimer: BioShield products are guaranteed to give satisfactory performance only if used as recommended. Liability shall be limited to refund of purchase price or the replacement of a defective product. There are no other warranties expressed or implied.