1. Product Description: Solvent-free no VOC, water-based stain and finish for new interior and protected exterior wood surfaces. High bond ability and fast drying characteristics. Colors are light stable and UV resistant. Clear Aqua Resin is only suitable for interior surfaces. Aqua Resin Satin Finish is based on non-toxic and natural raw materials presenting no harm to the environment or waterways.
  2. Specifications: Drip-restraining formula. Easy to apply, low drip, low splash. Great application advantage for over-head projects. Aqua Resin Stain Finish dries to a satin sheen. For interior surfaces apply one-to-two coats, for exterior surfaces three coats are required. The finish provides a breathable and elastic coating with water-resistant properties. Not suitable for direct weather exposure and horizontal surfaces where water and snow may accumulate. Economic coverage (120-150 sq ft /Liter/Coat).
  3. Application: Surfaces have to be dry, absorbent and free from flaking and cracking. The maximum moisture content for softwoods must not exceed 18 percent and 12 percent moisture for hardwoods should not be exceeded. Loose coats of paint and old finish have to be removed entirely. New wood surfaces have to be sanded no finer than #100. Previously applied coats of Aqua Resin Stain Finish also should be sanded (no finer than #100.) Resinous and oily woods must to be thoroughly cleaned with a solvent. The product does not contain biocides and it will not prevent discoloration of the wood due to fungus. Stir before use.

    Aqua Resin Satin Finish has a gel-like consistency. Apply with a fine bristle brush, foam roller or sprayer (Airless or Air Coat) at temperatures above 8oC (46o Fahrenheit). Our suggested drying time may vary strongly due to temperature and moisture contents of air. Apply one thinned-down coat (5-10% of water) for priming, then two coats full strength. For doors and windows apply an additional coat if needed. Light sanding between coats (180-240 Grit) is recommended. Wash tools with water and soap immediately after use.
  4. Drying Time: Depending on temperature and moisture the finished surface should be dry-to-touch after 15-30 minutes, and may be sanded after one-to-two hours. Refinish after a drying time of at least one hour.
  5. Coverage: Depending on absorbency of surface 120-150 square feet per liter.
  6. Safety Precautions: Provide for adequate ventilation while working with the product and during the drying time. Keep out of reach of children.
  7. Cleanup & Storage: Use warm water and soap for spot cleanup and for cleaning brushes and tools. Clean all brushes immediately after use. Unused contents must be kept in a well-sealed container in a cool, dry place. In case of spillage, use absorbent material such as sand or cat litter. Dispose of such material and other excess by drying the contents out and in accordance with local, state and federal ordinances. Shelf life of unopened containers is approximately one year. Do not freeze.
  8. Color: Aqua Resin Stain Finish is available in Clear, as well as in a variety of wood colors and accent colors.
  9. Ingredients: Water, Earth Pigments, Silica, Alcohol Ester, Surfactant, Preservative.
  10. Care & Maintenance:  As a general rule all exterior surfaces should be inspected once a year and potentially damaged areas have to be repaired immediately.

Item #33 - 0.10 Liter (3.4 Fl. Oz.) - 0.75 Liter (25.36 Fl. Oz.) - 2.50 Liter (84.44 Fl. Oz.)

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